2022 Chevrolet Corvette Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The powerful two-seater thrill machine is an incredible value, providing handling, acceleration and ride quality that is unmatched even at a higher price point. This Chevrolet Corvette should be at the top of every sports car shopping list.


You’re not familiar with Corvettes from the past. The eighth model of the Corvette was launched in the year 2020, it shook up the world of sports cars. This is because it was the first time ever, Chevrolet put the powerful V8 engine to the left of the driver on center of the car, not within the car’s nose. This increased the weight of the wheels of the car and created an automobile that was able to launch faster and accelerate more quickly through the corners. It’s a chassis design employed by the most expensive cars on the planet and this Corvette is in good company. It’s a good thing. Corvette is a sporty car with a few compromises, as it’s a precise vehicle for handling, and also a comfortable vehicle to drive on a daily basis.

Its 490-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 produces an explosive thrust, which is managed by a clever dual-clutch auto (similar to the one Porsche and Ferrari use) and an option to select a mode that allows the driver to be more comfortable. What’s the downside? The Corvette was the very first which doesn’t have an automatic transmission.

The Corvette can be purchased in a convertible or coupe. For convertible versions, the roof is lifted and folds under the cover of the tonneau at the press of the button. In contrast to previous Corvettes, this one has an interior that is luxurious and distinctive.

Its competitors include the Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type as well as the Acura NSX are direct competitors and are all top sports automobiles. However, the Corvette provides a superior quality of performance for the price. It’s performance is superior to vehicles that cost much more. The Corvette is enjoyable to drive, exciting to admire and an enjoyable experience regardless of what it’s used for.

Trims and Pricing

It’s a Corvette. Corvette is available in convertible or coupe form (for around $7000 more) with 3 trims: 1LT 2LT 3LT, and 2LT. 3LT is the most popular trim. 2LT model is by far the most well-liked model, and is our recommendation. We’ll discuss the reasons why.


From $62,195 at the time of purchase, the Corvette 1LT is very well equipped. It is equipped with an 6.2-liter V8 engine that’s paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch auto transmission. It also comes with Brembo brakes, a limit-slip diff with staggered 19-inch and 20-inch wheels, which have running-flat all season tires. Other regular features include body-colored exterior mirrors that have integrated turn signals and a body-colored roof panel and LED headlights. It also has a the driver’s information center measures 12 inches with eight-way adjustable bucket seats with the 10-speaker Bose sound system and and an 8-inch-diagonal infotainment system that includes connectivity via wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto keys for open and start remote the steering wheel, which is wrapped in leather and a tilt-and-telescoping column and a rear park assist feature as well as a 3-month SiriusXM trial period, as well as a a rear high-definition camera.

The most popular choice for this is Z51 Performance. It’s a popular choice. Z51 Performance Package ($6,345) which includes a suspension that is track-ready, as well as performance Brembo brakes and performance exhausts, the highest rear axle ratio, electronic limit-slip differential, heavy-duty coolant for the engine, tires that are summer as well as front and rear spoilers.


For $69,495 for the Corvette 2LT gets nearly everything from the 1LT. It also includes the 14-speaker Bose audio system, cargo nets and navigation, HD rear and front cameras as well as a head-up-display; heated and ventilated seats that have adjustable lumbar and seatback bolsters as well as a heated steering wheel. memory settings for the seats as well as mirrors and the steering wheel; an upgraded security system, video and performance data recorder mirror for the rear camera and a cross-traffic warning; blind-spot detection; 12 month SiriusXM subscription and a universal home remote as well as wireless charging. 2LT 2LT is our top choice since it includes a variety of useful improvements for a modest price increase.


Corvette 3LT Corvette 3LT ($74,145) is the most expensive trim. It features everything in the 2LT, but adds an interior leather package with a more aggressively bolstered seat that has carbon fiber trim a suede-like upper trim piece made of microfiber as well as other.

Engine and Performance

The crown jewel of this Corvette comes from the basic V8 which is a real powerful engine. The 6.2-liter engine is capable of producing 490 horsepower at 6,450 rpm, and 465 pounds-feet of torque when it is when it is running at 5,150 RPM. Selecting the high-performance exhaust (part of the Z51 package) will increase each of these numbers by five. In both cases the V8’s big power is coupled to a high-end eight-speed dual-clutch automated transmission with the ability to shift manually.

The Corvette will be the first generation to not be available with the traditional manual transmission with three pedals. For those who are a bit snobbish, there is a link a manual offers to the driving experience. However, when you’re seeking the fastest possible shifts, an automatic transmission will be able to shift gears faster.

The Corvette is a car with a sporty look which can instantly change personality. The Corvette has six drive modes. Select “Tour” to experience the car is surprisingly smooth and comfortable perfect for your daily commute. It’s possibly one of the most comfortable sports cars you can purchase. Yet, when a driver is trying to make a connection on a curve, “Sport” mode noticeably increases the suspension’s stiffness and brings clarity to the ride. This is the first generation with the engine positioned in right in the middle of the vehicle (right in front of the driver’s head) to give more stability. And it offers precise handling and is more responsive, athletic and nuanced than the Corvette previously. Our Z51 test car that we tried was a beast and clocked 60 mph in under three minutes. It’s not hard to imagine that the music comes from all pure American muscle.


Corvette Corvette is a comfortable two-seater sports automobile. The cabin is futuristic, particularly with the digital gauges that resemble fighter pilots and the unique round steering wheel. We especially like the air-inspired shifting toggles.

There’s definitely a part of theatre in this which we love. But, the most important thing is that all of parts of the interior are made to function and look the most elegant way as compared to the Corvette in the past. The only thing that is odd about this interior is the appearance of that long line of buttons which separates the driver from the passenger. It’s odd, however it functions effectively. The Vette is spacious enough for two people to experience peace. The trunk’s size is similar to what you’d find in a compact carenough place for two persons to carry weighty. Porsche 911 Porsche 911 provides slightly more space for passengers and other items because of its smaller backseat.

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