2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

Chevrolet expands its reach in the market for all-electric vehicles by taking the cult Bolt hatchback and making it an SUV. It’s called”the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, it has a wider wheelbase to provide greater back seat space and more space for the back seat, something that the Bolt’s predecessor Bolt was lacking. The family-friendly EUV has 247 miles of electric driving range, allowing commuters with 120 mpg, while also having the Bolt’s safety features and outstanding value.


Although it’s not the most sporty SUV on the market but this Chevrolet Bolt EUV excels with its extended electric driving range , as well as its easy-to-use operation. It is significantly larger than the mechanically comparable Bolt which makes the EUV the ideal family vehicle. In contrast to other SUVs that are compact that lack all-wheel drive as well as other robust features designed to be used in urban and suburban environments. However, in those environments it’s clear that it’s the Bolt EUV is an absolute winner that is simple to operate and comfortable. The Bolt EUV, it’s clear Chevrolet is looking forward to the future as bright, shifting towards electric.

Trims and Pricing

As with the Bolt like the Bolt, as with the Bolt, the EUV comes in two trims with high-end features of which buyers can choose: LT and Premier. Both have the same 200-hp electric engine as well as front-wheel drive and modern styling.

The price for the LT trim starts at $33,000. It comes with cloth upholstery, electric windows, powered liftgate and cruise control. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as an integrated WiFi hotspot to connect your mobile device to the internet and Keyless Entry, Wireless charging for phones and a push-button start. The exterior highlights include LED headlights that are automatic as well as variable intermittent wipers as well as a variety of driver assistance systems to provide extra security when driving.

Customers who choose the Premier trim for $37,500 receive leather upholstery, rain-sensing wipers as well as ventilated front seats. heated rear seats and a heated steering wheel with adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring as well as a surround-view camera and much more.

Super Cruise is the Bolt EUV’s most well-known option, a driver assist system that permits free driving on compatible roads and highways throughout the nation. By using GPS information, as well as an extensive set-up of cameras and sensors Super Cruise automatically keeps the vehicle in the driving direction and at a safe speed. If traffic slows it will reduce the EUV. The light bar at the upper part of the wheel will change from its normal green to red as the system asks the driver to take over of the vehicle.

Engine and Performance

Whatever trim you choose Whichever trim you choose, the Bolt EUV is equipped with an electric drive unit that has a horsepower of 200 hp, that provides quick acceleration as well as an all-speed transmission. The agile handling lets the EUV navigate through and out of the city’s crowded traffic, and through narrow corners. The suspension has been tuned to provide a balance of the ride and handling. Chevrolet connects the smooth powertrain with lithium-ion batteries that have dual-level 120- and 240-volt charging options. The 11.5-kW charging module as well as Regenerative brakes help the Bolt EUV recover energy. The EPA estimates a 247 mile driving distance. Drivers can select One Pedal mode for additional convenience.


Inside, The interior of the Chevrolet Bolt EUV is similar to the original Bolt but with few key modifications. This model features the same contemporary layout of the dashboard and driver’s layout, equipped with the same 10.2-inch touchscreen that runs the most recent version of Chevrolet’s informationtainment program. It also has wireless connectivity. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let passengers access their most popular music streaming apps, as well as other services that are connected while on the roads. In many ways the cabin is similar to Bolt. Bolt hatchback. However the EUV provides about 3.5 inches of extra space for rear passengers, making the back seats comfortable adequate for teenagers who stand tall as well as adults. The seats in the two rows are comfortable and made of soft cloth or premium leather. Outward visibility is great.

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